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For the JVM

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Progress Report

Future Plans

Since its inception, Sincerity has required JVM, at least at version 5. However, with Sincery 2.0 we intend a big leap right to JVM 8. JVM 8, expected in March 2014, will come with a new JavaScript engine, Nashorn, designed around the dynamicinvoke opcode introduced in JVM 7 (there is a chance Nashorn will be backported to JVM 7, in which case Sincerty will also alter its minimum requirement). Since it will offer such a great performance boost over Rhino, we intend to make the switch. We are investigating this now with early builds of JVM 8.

Furthermore, we are considering removing Sincerity's dependency on Ivy. Ivy serves us adequately for new, but has several limitations as well as features that Sincerity does not use.