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Packaging and Bootstrapping
For the JVM

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Sincerity is a tool for installing and bootstrapping software stacks on top of the JVM. It makes these otherwise tedious tasks easy, simple and fun.

It's a great companion to tools such Gradle, Maven, or Ivy. While those tools make it easy to manage dependencies in the development process, Sincerity is for using the product.

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Easy, Simple, Fun

Your Sincerity containers are straightforward playgrounds. Simply create a new container when you want to try out a new approach, and throw in all the products and libraries you want to work with. When done, delete the directory, and it's as if nothing ever happened...

Sincerity makes it very easy to try out various applications, libraries and features without going through the pain of manually downloading, installing and configuring them, as it contains single-command plugins that do all the heavy lifting.

Within minutes of downloading Sincerity, you are up and running: it's clean, simple, and "just works."

Ready? Start with the tutorial for a complete tour.

Ready to Rumble

With a single command you can install ready-to-rumble skeletons for these and more:

Happy Users

Sincerity makes it easy for you, the user, to install and upgrade complete products and stacks, or individual modules and libraries, into portable "containers," which are nothing more than straightforward file directories.

According to your preferences, you can use either Sincerity's pretty GUI or the powerful CLI.

Happy Vendors

Sincerity is a distribution system: you, the vendor, need only to simply host your packages in a "repository" (a standard web site) and let Sincerity do the rest. Configuration and bootstrapping of applications is easily controlled via JavaScript code.

Sincerity's growing ecology of plugins makes it especially easy to add powerful features to your product, such as centralized logging and robust daemons with surprisingly minimal fuss. Why reinvent the wheel?

Speaks Your Language

There's no "Java-centric" discrimination here: Sincerity explicitly supports software written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Lua, Groovy, Clojure and Scala. It goes a step further in embracing the culture surrounding these dynamic languages, an important part of what makes them so exciting and productive.