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Packaging and Bootstrapping
For the JVM

Sincerity logo: jackrabbit and flowers


Distributions for Sincerity 1.0-beta13

The only requirement for these distributions is a JVM, at least version 6. JVM version 8 offers the best experience, as it will use the included Nashorn JavaScript engine, * whereas previous JVM versions will use Rhino.

* Nashorn requires at least JVM 8u40. You can switch JavaScript engines using the SINCERITY_JAVASCRIPT environment variable, setting it to either "Nashorn" or "Rhino".

** For the Debian/RPM packaging, we follow the familiar Unix directory structure: the main files are in "/usr/lib/sincerity/", configuration is in "/etc/sincerity/", installed libraries are "/var/lib/sincerity/", and logs will go in "/var/logs/sincerity/". We also add a desktop shortcut to start the Sincerity GUI in "/usr/share/applications/".


The complete Sincerity Manual, essentially a copy of this web site, is available for download as a PDF.

Development Snapshot

Latest, greatest, but probably not well-tested. Available via git. Easy, quick build with Ant.