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Prudence 1.1


We are happy to announce the official release of Prudence 1.1 (identical to RC13).

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Prudence 1.1-RC1


The first release candidate for Prudence 1.1 is out. It includes many bug fixes, performance enhancements (especially for high-concurrency applications), and new features.

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Prudence 1.0


We are very happy to announce the release of Prudence 1.0.

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There’s a natural fit between MongoDB, Ext JS and Prudence’s “Savory JavaScript” edition. With JavaScript in the database, the client and the server, you never have to switch languages. And Prudence’s natural REST makes it very easy to work with Ext JS' RESTful data package.

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Talk: Prudence for Clojure


In Chicago? Tal will be giving a talk about Prudence’s Clojure edition, December 15th (Wednesday), 6pm, at ThoughtWorks (200 E. Randolph).

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Prudence 1.0-RC1


Prudence comes with a comprehensive 100-page manual, extensive online reference material, and a complete example application.

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Site Design


We’ve redesigned our web site, hoping to capture something of that sense of wonder and awe we feel as we browse through natural science textbooks from the 19th Century. Good software is very much like a living creature: intricate, beautiful, and efficient in its natural adaptation to its environment.

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Welcome to Three Crickets. We make straightforward software.

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Free Software Offerings


Prudence logo: bullfinch in flight

Prudence is a state-of-the-art development platform for highly scalable web sites and web APIs. Easily and elegantly master advanced platform features, such as sophisticated server- and client-side caching, URI-space management, and "cloud" clustering. Write your code in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Lua, Groovy, or Clojure.

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Diligence logo: sleeping monkey

Quickly build super-scalable web applications using using server-side JavaScript, deployed on MongoDB and Prudence clusters.

Are you founding a software startup looking to create the next massive Internet hit? Are you an IT developer supporting a large, dynamic enterprises? Diligence has got your web development covered, and Prudence and MongoDB will guarantee that you can scale out.

Out of the box, you get user authentication and mass email notification, integration with social networks, a powerful backend for Ext JS and Sencha Touch widgets, sitemap.xml generation, RSS/Atom syndication, internationalization with support for right-to-left languages, a web-based debugging console and lots more.

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Sincerity logo: jackrabbit and flowers

Sincerity is a tool for installing and bootstrapping software stacks on top of the JVM. It makes these otherwise tedious tasks easy, simple and fun.

It provides a straightforward command-line and GUI tool for downloading and installing JVM-based applications, service and libraries into an isolated container, while elegantly handling dependencies. Sincerity is the foundation for distributing the entire Three Crickets stack.

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Scripturian logo: kitten in shawl

This free library can make it very easy to integrate scripting and templating into your JVM-based product, offering well-defined separation of threading models and global environments. It's a scalable alternative to the Java scripting standard (JSR-223).

Scripturian supports JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Lua, Groovy, Clojure, Succinct, Velocity and various HTML markup languages running on the JVM.

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Succinct logo: dog running

Succinct is a minimal templating engine designed for concurrency and efficiency. It has an especially abstract data model, allowing you to back your templates by fetching template data on-demand, during render-time, according to your own complex synchronization protocols. It comes with lots of tools to help you make your data "templatable."

Succinct is supported by Prudence, where it provides a more extensible alternative to Velocity.

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MongoVision logo: eye on leaf

Sift through and update documents in your MongoDB databases with this friendly, straightforward web interface.

Built on Prudence, MongoVision is a perfect companion for Diligence development.

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Three Crickets Software Repository

Three Crickets logo: ink drawing of cricket

We meticulously maintain a free Maven-type software repository, not only for all the free software mentioned above, but also for all the dependent libraries, as well as many other free and open-source packages. You can download from this repository over the web, or via tools like Sincerity, Maven and Ivy.

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Our Fine Services

Three Crickets offers free support on the relevant community sites for all our products, as well as downloadable distributions and full access to the source code. We are good free software citizens, respond to bug reports and feature requests, and make our products play well with others.

Additionally, we can provide you with paid support for our entire software stack, as well as similar technologies.

Our expertise is in super-scalable technologies and topologies, especially based on the JVM and "NoSQL" databases, as well as gluing desktop and mobile frontends to your online backends. We've helped several Internet startups design cloud deployments that match their ambitions for super-scalability.

Our products are named after our work ethics: we promise sincerity, prudence and diligence, and to always, always be straightforward.

Please contact us for rates and more information.