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Prudence 1.1


We are happy to announce the official release of Prudence 1.1 (identical to RC13).

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Prudence 1.1-RC1


The first release candidate for Prudence 1.1 is out. It includes many bug fixes, performance enhancements (especially for high-concurrency applications), and new features.

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Prudence 1.0


We are very happy to announce the release of Prudence 1.0.

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There’s a natural fit between MongoDB, Ext JS and Prudence’s “Savory JavaScript” edition. With JavaScript in the database, the client and the server, you never have to switch languages. And Prudence’s natural REST makes it very easy to work with Ext JS' RESTful data package.

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Talk: Prudence for Clojure


In Chicago? Tal will be giving a talk about Prudence’s Clojure edition, December 15th (Wednesday), 6pm, at ThoughtWorks (200 E. Randolph).

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Prudence 1.0-RC1


Prudence comes with a comprehensive 100-page manual, extensive online reference material, and a complete example application.

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Site Design


We’ve redesigned our web site, hoping to capture something of that sense of wonder and awe we feel as we browse through natural science textbooks from the 19th Century. Good software is very much like a living creature: intricate, beautiful, and efficient in its natural adaptation to its environment.

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Welcome to Three Crickets. We make straightforward software.

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About Three Crickets

Three Crickets was founded in Chicago in 2009, based on ideas and products that had been incubating since 2003.

We make good products that work as advertised, and help communities and their individuals make the best use of our products.

Our ethic is practical: we don't take shortcuts, but also don't add cruft; we don't use buzzwords, but we're in touch with the times.

While the internet is sold as a vast "virtual community" spanning the globe, our products are explicitly aimed at the forgotten actual communities that we all belong to: social spaces of real people who work together every day, sharing ideas and resources. When minds meet, wonderful, unforeseen things can happen. We want to help that happen, because we believe that the sum is greater than its parts.

Three Crickets logo: ink drawing of cricket

Crickets are lovely animals. They fill the night with their song, reminding us that we're never truly alone. They have been steadfast companions to us in our work, just as we hope to be steadfast companions to you in your work.

Thank you for honoring us with your visit to our site.

In friendship,
Tal Liron
Three Crickets founder and president