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Ready-to-Run Distribution for Diligence 1.0-dev12

If you're experienced with Diligence, it is strongly recommended that you install it via Sincerity (see instructions below), a packaging tool that makes it easy to add exactly the features you want to your Diligence containers, as well as manage third-party libraries.

However, we also offer these ready-to-run distributions, which already include Sincerity and Prudence as well as most of the recommended libraries and the Diligence examples:

The only requirement for these distributions is a JVM, at least version 7. Note that Diligence can also run on JVM version 6 via a simple modification.

* For the Debian/RPM packaging, we follow the familiar Unix directory structure: the main files are in "/usr/lib/diligence/", configuration is in "/etc/diligence/", installed libraries are "/var/lib/diligence/", and logs will go in "/var/logs/diligence/". We also add a desktop shortcut to start the Prudence component in "/usr/share/applications/".


To see the Diligence Example, open a terminal, change to the installation directory and run:

./sincerity start restlet

(In Windows: "sincerity.bat start restlet")

Browse to http://localhost:8080/ to see the Prudence Administration application, from where you can access the installed applications. Or, browse directly to http://localhost:8080/diligence-example/ to see the Diligence Example application.

To start developing your own Diligence applications, it is recommended that you start with the Prudence tutorial.

Your distribution can be upgraded at any time by running "sincerity install".

Installing Diligence Using Sincerity


Assuming you have Sincerity installed, the following command line will install and start the Diligence example in a container named "diligence":

sincerity create diligence : add diligence.example : install : start restlet

Essential Components

Diligence depends on Prudence, so it's important that you familiarize yourself with Prudence's components.

Sincerity comes with friendly shortcuts for Diligence. The following table lists these shortcuts, as well as the full package identifier for which the shortcut is an alias.

All packages are hosted on the Three Crickets Repository, which is a Maven-compatible standard web site.

Shortcut Full Identifier Notes
Diligence Skeleton diligence com.threecrickets.diligence diligence Everything you need to start writing your Diligence applications. The Diligence skeleton is an extension of the Prudence skeleton.
Example Application diligence.example com.threecrickets.diligence diligence-example A demonstration of various features and aspects of Diligence..


The complete Diligence Manual, essentially a copy of this web site, is available for download as a PDF.

Development Snapshot

Latest, greatest, but probably not well-tested. Available via git. Easy, quick build with Ant.

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